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An overview of Angel Juicer 8500

An overview of Angel Juicer 8500

Angel Juicers are the most coveted ones in the market due to their elegancy, ease of juicing different fruits, vegetables and leafy kinds of stuff. The 5500 series is the base variant, while juicer 7500, also known as Super Angel Pro Juicer, resembles Angel Juicer 8500 in terms of features. Still, the latter is the top variant among all Angelia Juicer Series with the improved build quality. The multi-stage Angel Juicer series by Wellness United Australia comes with a twin gear extraction arm that is best known for high yield juicing. These juicers are crafted with industrial standards using high-quality stainless steel to give you a durable and heavy-duty juicing machine that is easy to clean and prevent bacterial growth, thus bringing numerous benefits.

Angel Juicer 8500

This blog is a gift for those searching for an efficient juicer to get better nutritious and delicious juices from different sources. Don’t betray yourself by investing in other slow juicers, as they aren’t efficient compared to 8500. Most of the slow juicers out there in the market can’t process the whole food, such as hard root vegetables like beetroot, carrot, radish and others.

Are You Looking for Topline Juicer Design and Build Quality?

Are you hunting for a heavy-duty Juicer that is designed elegantly with top-notch build quality? The good thing is that the Super Angel Juicer series is best known among Australians for its high-pressure endurance so that you can squeeze any juicy stuff. The angel juicer safety data sheet reads a steady 86 RPM gears rotation that is carefully tested with up to one-third increase in juice yields. The unparalleled build quality of stainless steel gears is designed to drive great force and ensure that as the ingredients pass through the twin gears, all available juice and nutrients are well extracted. The quality of juicers has helped to earn them a reputation as the best in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Super Angel Juicer

Three Angel Juicer Variants 

If you want the most basic variant, you can go with Angel Juicer 5500, and in case of overfilling the juicer, it will beep and stop automatically to prevent any likely damage to its sieve. You need to press the reverse button manually for reverse operation. In case of a jam inside the housing, the Angel Juicer 8500s and 7500 series (Super Angel Pro Stainless Steel Juicer), the two variants work the same by first giving a beep, stop and will reverse the load automatically. You need not press the reverse button to release jam pressure.

Why Choose Juicer 8500 Version?

The Angel Juicer 8500 is the most advanced model of angel juicers that people prefer. As the juicer is made using surgical grade stainless steel, it is more robust and has a good ranking for being hypoallergenic. So if you are health conscious, it’s always better to choose the best known Angel Juice Extractor that you can trust.

People often think that angel juicer 7500 and 8500 (also known as 8500s) are the same. However, this is not the case. Although they have most of the things in common, when it comes to the quality of steel, angle 8500s is a better option. The thing that differentiates the two resembling Angel Juicers is the build quality of Angel 8500s Twin Gear Juicer is best as it utilizes surgical stainless steel SUS 316. It is used for heavy-duty cutlery items for restaurants and the hospitality industry, while the juicer 7500 model use food-grade stainless steel 304.

What are the Benefits of the Angel Juicer Twin Gear System?

The Angel Twin Gear Juicer is super special because it has a three-stage system to maximize juice extraction. The first stage of the gear shaft is designed for grinding up the produce that goes through here and is responsible for about 60% of the juicy stuff. The second stage of gear includes stopping rings that go around builds more pressure to extract further juice. The third and final stage of the gear shaft maximizes the efficiency by extracting the very last drop of juice from fruits or vegetables.

Why Choose Wellness United Australia

Wellness United is a trusted name for Australians that have a wide range of imported health appliances to play our part in increasing wellbeing. We are the sole importer of the Angel Pro Juicer 8500 model in Australia. We are leading naturopath and musculoskeletal therapists with over two and half decades of service. Our mission statement is to offer high-quality health and life-improving products at affordable prices.

Here are the accessories of Angel Extractor Juicers that you can add for your convenience.

  • Angel Juicer Premium Cleaning Brush
  • Angel Nutt Butter Mashing Attachment
  • Angel Peanut Butter Sieve
  • Juice Pusher
  • Stainless Steel Juice Container

Food Safety Tips for Juice Lovers

You should give a look at Food Safety Basics by Food Safety Information Council, which claims 4.1 million food poisoning cases annually cause 86 human deaths. The basic principles are:

  • Handwashing for a minimum of twenty seconds with antibacterial soap or liquid using warm water before and after preparation
  • Wash and rinse all the items and ingredients thoroughly under running water
  • Cut and throw the damaged, bruised and rotten parts of fruits and vegetables or throw them entirely
  • Firm produce, including melons, cucumbers, radish etc., must be scrubbed with a clean brush. It is important to clean produce even in case you are going to peel them.
  • Dry the produce with a single-use paper towel

If you or your family member has some sort of foodborne illness, you should contact a local health care provider without any delay. The symptoms may include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Headache
  • Body ache

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