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Detail On Cessna Aircraft & Tips To Buy Cessna Parts Online In Australia!

Detail On Cessna Aircraft & Tips To Buy Cessna Parts Online In Australia!

For most trainee pilots, Cessna aircraft is akin to a university. This aircraft aided most pilots in earning their licences to fly in the sky. Even though the Cessna aircraft was manufactured approximately 65 years ago, it is still in demand to provide generations of pilots with their first flying experience. Its sturdy design is so good that Cessna planes are still in production after more than six decades of service, although most well-known flying machines have been retired. The availability of cessna parts online for its owners, pilot training schools, and commercial service providers is the most critical reason for its popularity. The parts of a plane are essential for extending the life of the aircraft and ensuring that your Cessna aircraft is fit for flying missions.

Types Of Cessna Aircrafts:

Cessna 170 

The Cessna 170 was manufactured from 1948 to 1956 by the Cessna Aircraft Company. The Cessna 170 is a single-engine aircraft designed for general aviation. After 1956, the Cessna 170 evolved into the newer aircraft known as 172. Cessna began production of the Cessna 170 in late 1948. A metal fuselage and tail and fabric-covered constant wing-cords were among the Cessna 170 parts. The Cessna 170 was a more advanced version of the popular Cessna 140. The 170, on the other hand, had a Continental C145-2 engine with 145hp more power. The 170 also had a larger fuel tank that had been upgraded. The 170 was made of metal, with fabric-covered wings supported by a “V” strut.

Cessna 170 Completes The Task

The Cessna 170 is ideal for commuters, freight haulers, bush planes, trainers, and anyone looking for a fun plane to fly around in. Because of its four seats, the 170 can be used for either a family vacation or business travel, depending on your needs. The 170 is not the best in all of these segments due to its ability to fly for many different purposes; however, it gets the job done.


These Cessna 170 parts have been developed through years of experience and research to perform safely and efficiently during your flight. Companies design these parts to withstand harsh flying conditions. Companies carry general maintenance parts such as oil filters, slick magnetos, spark plugs, power converters, and entire engines. The 170 was introduced in various models and configurations, as shown below.

Cessna 170a (Cessna 170a)

It was released in 1949, just a year after the 170. The 170A came in all-metal with zero-dihedral wing tapered outboard of slightly large air flaps. A single-wing strut in 170A replaced the V-strut from 170. On 170A, the fuel tank held 21 gallons. The rudder shape of a larger Cessna, such as the 190 or 195, was used on the 170A and later models, increasing directional stability. Over three years, 1,552 170A were manufactured.

Cessna 170B (Cessna 170B)

The Cessna 170B is the most common and well-known version of the Cessna 170. It went into production in 1952, and it was outfitted with efficient flower flaps that extended to 40°. Cessna 170B parts included a redesigned tailwheel bracket, a new tailpipe, and other changes and advancements. In 1952, the 170B cost around $7,245.

Cessna 170 (305)

The military version of the Cessna 170 was used by the United States Air Force, Marine Corps, and Army in 1950. The Cessna 170 305 was used as forwarding air control and reconnaissance aircraft. The 170, dubbed the Bird Dog, was redesigned from the basic 170, including the tandem fuselage and a larger wing with modified Flower flaps that deployed up to 60°.

Cessna Parts Online

Cessna 182:

If you only intend to travel with four people, the Cessna 182 is the best plane for you, in my opinion. It has a good load capacity for a four-seater. It has the same speed as the C206; however, if speed is a concern, retractable options and numerous speed kits are available, bringing the TAS closer to the C210’s range. The C182 is a delightful plane to fly, with good speeds and loading. So, if you need a four-seater, the C182 is hard to beat.

The Cessna 206

The Cessna 206 aircraft series debuted in 1964 and was manufactured until 1986. The company ceased production of single-engine aircraft and reintroduced it in 1998. Owners of Cessna 206 aircraft use them for personal travel and to transport their employees in the oil field. The owner of a Cessna 206 from the initial production run may find it difficult to locate maintenance parts for their flying companion. Cessna 206 variants include the Cessna U206, Cessna P206, and Cessna 206H. It is also known as the Super Skywagon or the Station Wagon of the Air.

Reason To Buy Cessna 206        

The apparent reason to buy a C206 over a C182 is weight or bums on seats. A C182 can carry an average payload of 1000 pounds, whereas a C206 can carry 1500 pounds, and one has four seats while the other has six. In addition, the C206 cargo version has a double door on the right side for loading large equipment. Many models include a useful cargo pod for extra space and convenience when transporting messy items. Aside from that, the two planes are very similar. The speeds, performance, and handling are different, but only a true connoisseur would notice that the differences are almost invisible, implying that it’s all about loading.

It Is Mainly Used For Commercial & Personal Use.

The Cessna 206, also known as the Stationair, is a six-seat plane with the fixed landing gear. There are approximately 6500 such aircraft globally, and these planes are ideal for commercial and personal use. The general aviation aircraft is perfect for flights to remote and underdeveloped areas where ground transportation facilities are inadequate. Companies in Australia provides Cessna 206 parts to clients all over the world. Companies in Australia that offer parts of Cessna includes Alcor, Slick magnetos, Gill Batteries, Aeroflash, airborne, Brackett Filters, Continental, Champion, GE Bulbs, Lycoming, and all relevant Cessna accessories.

Is The Cessna 210 Quick To Respond? 

You might be thinking that a C210 is just a faster, retractable version of a C206, and the answer is yes…and no. Yes, it is faster and retractable, but no, because the differences do not stop there. A C210 has a lot of problems for the unwary infrequent flyer, and the speed advantage should be carefully weighed against the traps. The wing is much slick, the flap and gear speeds can cause pilots to mishandle the engine. It’s also not remotely STOL. As a result, many Cessna 210 parts are required to keep this plane in good working order. There’s a reason why insurance requirements are much more stringent! The speed comparison should be viewed realistically, with 120 versus 150 average block speeds. The difference becomes significant only on legs longer than 300nm. Not surprisingly, this makes them ideal for places like the Australian outback, Namibia, and the vast open spaces of the United States.

Where To Get The Cessna Parts Online?

Superior Air Parts is the name to remember when looking for Cessna citation parts. They started in the aircraft spare parts, maintenance, and service business in 1993 with just two employees and have since grown into a behemoth, offering thousands of aircraft maintenance parts to clients worldwide. Their mission statement is to meet and exceed clients’ expectations by providing upgraded products at the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality. They offer cessna parts Australia that is known for their dependability and performance. They have a global distribution network that ensures the timely delivery of ordered aircraft parts while saving you time and money.

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