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High-Quality Lithium Battery Charger By Deep Cycle Systems At Affordable Price.

A lithium battery charger is a voltage-restricting gadget that resembles the lead-acid system. The distinctions with lithium battery chargers connect with the higher voltage per cell, more tight voltage resiliences, and the shortfall of a stream or float charge at full charge. While lead acid offers some adaptability as far as voltage cut-off producers of LiFePO4 cells are exceptionally severe on the right setting since Li-ion can’t acknowledge cheat.

The supposed ‘supernatural occurrence charger’ that vows to draw out battery duration and gain additional limits with heartbeats and different tricks doesn’t exist. LiFePO4 is a “perfect” system and just takes what it can absorb.

The deep cycle battery charger system depends on a CV/CC (constant voltage/steady current) charge calculation. How much current to a pre-set level until the battery arrives at a pre-set voltage level. At that point, the current diminishes as the battery becomes completely energized. This system permits quick charging without the gamble of over-charging and is reasonable for Li-ion and other battery types.

Lithium Dc2dc Charger

lithium dc-dc charger is a savvy method for guaranteeing your deep cycle battery or extra battery gets the right degree of charge. It ensures your battery arrives at its most extreme charge limit in a protected, quick, and controlled way.     

It does this by taking power from the alternator while the vehicle is running and upgrading the charging to get the best surge limit into your helper battery.

A DCDC charger is basic to your double battery arrangement. A quality one will frequently incorporate a solar-powered controller as well. It lets you interface a solar-powered charger to the charger to keep charging and keep up with your battery even while the motor is off.

It implies you don’t need to purchase more equipment like outer or inline solar controllers to add solar charging to your double battery arrangement.

lithium dc-dc

What is a Smart alternator, and why are they being utilized these days?

Generally, the alternator on vehicles had a decent voltage yield which was adequate to charge both the beginning (wrenching) battery and an essential helper battery.

Latest new vehicles have a “smart ” alternator that is either low result (generally < 13.7-13.8 Volts) or burden delicate. The auto business has embraced these because of severe emanations guidelines and the consistent journey to limit fuel utilization.


While they are more practical to run, are adequate to charge your processing plant battery, and run the vehicle manufacturing plant electrical frameworks, they come up short on the result to charge a second helper battery.

The lithium dc-dc charger is smart enough to defeat these issues and permit you to charge and streamline your helper battery utilizing the production line alternator.

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Deep Cycle System is one of the top-notch companies in Australia; we offer a wide range of lithium batteries. Our lithium batteries furnish your battery-controlled items with a reasonable and trustworthy battery-powered force.

Lithium dc-dc charger

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