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How to Install RGB strip light Perth?

How to Install RGB strip light Perth?

LED strip lights quickly replace old light bulbs as lighting selection effects for homeowners who want to change the style of lighting their interiors without compromising quality. RGB strip light Perth installation will now mean that you can save up to 90 per cent on lighting operating costs, which is very important for large installations such as those used in pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels. You will find that each diode in the strip consumes about a tenth of a watt of power as an equivalent light bulb, which means you can turn on your light very cheaply. It also lasts up to 20 times longer, with an average LED life anywhere between 30,000 and 50,000 hours.

One of the hallmarks of LED strip lights is their ease of use. They are made with a user-friendly method, so they are easy to install. However, there are a few things to consider before buying. This article will provide some practical tips for ordering LED Strip lights for the first time and getting started.

Take Measurements

All LED strips lights are made to order. It is good to measure the space where you want to install it. This will ensure that you get the correct LED strip length required for the project.

Check the Load

Determine the required power of the LED strip lights. This is a variable number depending on the length of the light strip, the number of LEDs per strip and the size of the LEDs. The manufacturer should provide all the details you need to help you determine what type of power source you need. Always check the details of the stripe light control. The controller determines the power of the stripe light associated with it. If you have a 100W driver and your strip light works with 5W per meter, you can run 20 meters of this particular strip light on one controller. You can use an amplifier to amplify the driver signal if you need more.


Sometimes you may need to cut off your LED strips. Fortunately, if they are the wrong size, you don’t have to return them. These lights are perfectly adjusted, and their cutting is very simple. They have small cutting points in their length that can be cut with a good cut to prevent damage to the printed circuit board. Make sure you always cut the LED strip away from the transformer at the end. Once they cut, they’re ready to go!


LED strip lights usually do not require assembly. You will find that most are equipped with high quality 3M adhesive, which means that they can be printed directly on the surface.

Hooking up to the power

These lights run directly from the mains voltage via a 12V transformer, similar to those found in laptop chargers. It simply reduces the voltage from 240V mains voltage to 12V for LED strips. Your manufacturer will provide you with all the connectors you need to continue, which usually includes the length of the wire that connects the RGB strip light Perth to the transformer and the power cord that connects the transformer to the outlet. Always find out how long the connecting cables are before starting the project. If they are not long enough, you can always use an extension lead.

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