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Know The Working Of LED Colour Changing Downlights

Know The Working Of LED Colour Changing Downlights

Although they come from modern technology, LED lights to date back more than 50 years. Originally the LED was able to illuminate with only one colour, but modern colour changing downlights can display up to six colours and shades in between. This can be especially helpful in transmitting information in a confined space. LED stands for light-emitting diode. It works using a flexible semiconductor to have well-charged atoms, which means there are no electrons, known as electron holes. The electron holes are filled when the electric charge passes through the semiconductor. This triggers the release of photons, a type of energy that appears as light.

Colour-Correlated Temperature (CCT) measures the white light source colour’s appearance based on its Kelvin (K) temperature range. In LED lighting, the average range of colour temperature ranges from 2700K to 5700K. The new LED lighting technology now offers the ability to change the amount of CCT needed just as you can with blur. Many practical scientific studies examine how the colour of light affects the natural rhythm of your body’s circulation.

Benefits Of Using Colour Changing LEDs

LED Light Lifespan:

Easily the most significant benefit of LEDs compared to traditional long-term lighting solutions. The LED standard lasts 50,000 working hours to 100,000 hours or more. That’s 2-4 times longer than most fluorescent, metal halide, and even sodium vapour lamps. It is 40 times longer than an ordinary incandescent lamp.

LED Power Performance:

LEDs generally use very low power values. When we compare energy efficiency of various lighting solutions, the statistics you should look for are called by one of the two names: optimal efficiency or useful lumens. These two factors determine the amount of light emitted by each unit of energy (watts) used by a lamp. Many LED lighting replacement projects result in a 60-75% improvement in the facility’s lighting power efficiency. Depending on the available lighting and specific LEDs, savings can be over 90%.

Enhanced LED Security:

Safety is probably the most often overlooked benefit of LED lighting. The first danger is when it comes to light emissions. LED colour changing downlights do not emit almost the most advanced heat, while traditional bulbs such as incandescents convert more than 90% of all energy used directly into heat. That means that only 10 per cent of incandescent lamps provide light energy consumption (which makes them less efficient than LEDs). Additionally, low power LEDs can work effectively in low-voltage electrical systems. These are usually very safe in case something goes wrong.

LED Lights Are Physically Smaller:

The actual LED device is too small. Their small size makes the LEDs wonderfully compatible with an unlimited number of lighting applications. Different uses of LEDs include a wide spectrum ranging from its roots to circuit board lighting and traffic signals to modern mood lighting, seating, commercial lighting, and large stadium lights. You can read about LED lighting history here or general lighting history here.

LEDs With Great Color Rendering Index (CRI):

CRI is a measure of the light to reflect the true colour of objects compared to a suitable light source (natural light). HOWEVER, high CRI is usually a desirable feature (however, depending on the application required). LEDs have generally very high ratings when you calculate CRI.

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