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Things You Need To Know Before Installing RGB Strip Light Perth

Things You Need To Know Before Installing RGB Strip Light Perth

Flexible LED RGB strip light Perth is used worldwide for various commercial, industrial, and residential projects. LED strip lighting is popular among Architects and Lighting Designers due to colour options, improved performance, and lighting. A great drawing is how easy it is to install. Their flexibility, low profile and useful features make them the most popular LED fibre for home DIY models. With these LED strips, the homeowner can design as an expert with the right materials and just an hour or two.

Many options are available for LED strip lights that do not have a ‘single size equal to all’ standard that can be passed through. This LED guide will teach newcomers and professionals alike in finding the best-LED strip lights for your area and how to use these lights perfectly.

What Makes It So Special?

These stripped LED lights, also known as LED ribbon lamps, are small in size and flexibility. Active LEDs sit on a 10mm wide circuit board, provided with a length of 3ft to 16.4 ft. Flexible LED strip lamps have many features that make them easy to use in a variety of situations:

Cut size – Cutting LED strips is very easy due to the cut lines next to the strips. There is a black line at each cutting point with copper solder pads that sit on each side. Copper solder pads enable each piece of strip to withstand even after cutting. This ables us to connect LED strips or connect a cord to a different area of ​​your home.

Flexible LED strip with Adhesive – LED strips with 3M adhesive support and easy mounting options. The low profile, the flexible strip has backing-off support that produces 3M adhesives, making it easy to insert the page with a stick.

Waterproof – RGB lights are never limited to some specific indoor projects. Waterproof LED strip lamps are IP65 rated with a silicone resin material protecting the strip parts from dust and moisture. Waterproof LED lights are less expensive but a must for any outdoor or near water project.

Things That You Must Know Before You Install LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Density

The density of the LED light line indicates how many LEDs there are in the designated area. The Standard Density strip has 30 LEDs / M, and High-Density has 60 LEDs / M. The high-density line equals high quality, bright light. The table below shows the differences between normal strands and high density. Note the output of the Lumen and the difference in the length and maximum length of each run.


The colour of the LED line depends on your preferences. LEDs RGB strip light Perth is a great choice for those who like a variety of effects and colours. RGB strip lamps change colour for accent lighting around the home. They use red, green and blue diodes to be mixed to create many different colours. If you are using RGB strings, make sure you use the three-channel controller from the blurring section of this guide. There is an Ultra Violet (UV) version of the fibres available. This is a great choice for UV applications or to make your light-dark!

The LEDs are also available in one colour: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and White.

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