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What Is The Purpose Of Echocardiography Drummond?

The echocardiography Drummoyne, commonly referred to as the cardiac echo, is an ultrasound test used to view the heart. The heart echo is considered the best way to detect the movement and function of the heart muscle and heart valves. You may need an echo of the heart if you have heart valve disease or cardiovascular diseases.

This article explains why the echocardiogram must be used and what heart problems it can detect. It will also explain how to prepare for the test, what happens during the test, and what the results mean for you.

Purpose of the Test

An echocardiogram is mainly used to identify abnormalities in the structure and function of the heart. The handheld device sends sound waves that jump into your heart and creates a moving image on the screen. This allows your doctor to monitor your heart’s anatomy at many different angles and monitor your heart rate.

If you have fatigue, nausea, or fainting symptoms, you may need an echo of the heart. This issue is especially real if a stethoscope or electrocardiogram (EKG) (a test that describes your electrical activity) suggests that you have a systemic heart problem.

It Uses

An echocardiogram allows your doctor to watch your heartbeat faster to detect specific areas of concern. Some of the cardiac echo activities that can be found include:

  • Problems with heart valves such as mitral valve prolapse. This problem can be detected because tests show how well your heart valves work.
  • The speed of blood at many points within the heart. A special microphone called a Doppler can be used during testing to measure this. This method helps quantify the flow of blood in conditions such as aortic stenosis.
  • Anatomical deformity. Congenital heart conditions such as Fallout tetralogy and atrial septal defect are genetic conditions in which the heart does not develop properly.
  • Part of the left ventricular ejection. “Ejection fraction” is a unique term that is used to describe how strong the heart is and how it pumps blood. The echo can test how effective various heart treatments are for people with conditions such as heart failure.
  • Cardiac arrhythmia is an irregular heart rhythm. An echo can check your heartbeat. This can help find the real cause and the best treatment if you have arthritis.


Echocardiography Drummoyne is sometimes used with stress tests to assess heart function. An echo test is done at rest and repeated during exercise to look for changes in heart muscle function as you work out. During practice, problems with cardiovascular function can be a sign of coronary artery disease.


Although the echocardiogram provides much information about the heart’s anatomy, it does not show coronary arteries or any obstruction in it. Other tests called cardiac catheterization are usually performed when your cardiovascular system needs closer examination.

For people with specific conditions such as severe chest wall or emphysema, it may be challenging to visualize the heart during an echocardiogram. If your loved one needs an echocardiogram, you can be sure this is a safe and uncomplicated test. There are many different reasons for testing and a variety of possible side effects. In most cases, problems with echo can be treated with medication. Sometimes, heart surgery, with an excellent success rate, is needed to correct the problem.

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