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What Sets Swing Master Deluxe Apart From Other Chi Machines?

chi exercise machine helps healthy joints, including the spine and nerves, by stimulating oxygenated blood and lymphatic fluids, relaxing muscles, and encouraging healthy joints. It accomplishes this by shifting its body from side to side gently yet vigorously. They are soothing and enjoyable to use. You lie down & rest as the machine stimulates your lymphatic drainage, muscles, and joints while improving oxygenated blood flow to all of your organs.

So, How Does The Chi Machine Work?

Every session on the original chi machine starts and ends with a 20-second warm-up/cool-down. Users usually mention the advantages of having many speeds. Having that option, as well as experiencing growing speeds, is both soothing and refreshing.

Chi Machine Produces Waves

The swing master deluxe offers a variable speed (controlled by a remote), a high-quality motor, a comfortable foot cradle, and a quiet timer. Every day, the Chi machine is used for 15 minutes, followed by a glass of clean water. The top model incorporates a unique warm-up and warm-down feature for added comfort. Its unusual swing movement generates a wave-like motion or “Body wave,” which improves circulation and boosts the blood’s oxygen and nutrient carrying capacity. This, in turn, assists in cell activation and metabolic stimulation.

Drainage of Lymph Nodes

One of the primary benefits of a chi massage machine is lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic fluid may build up dramatically in the body if regular exercise is not practiced. As a result, the toxins and wastes that the system fought so hard to eradicate are still present in the body. Chi promotes lymphatic drainage, which assists in weight reduction, lowers puffiness, improves skin health, and enhances immunity. The immune system is activated when lymphatic fluid circulates freely. The movement also helps relax the joints and muscles, especially the hips, back, and neck. After utilizing this medicine, many people claim relief from headaches, back pain, muscular strain, arthritis, and inflammation.

Improves Circulation

Another benefit of chi machines is that they increase circulation and the supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells. This accelerates waste removal and increases mitochondrial activity (the energy-producing powerhouses) within muscle and nerve cells.

The Chi Machine Can Help You In The Following Areas:

Lymph Node Drainage (weight loss, immunity, detox)

  • Musculoskeletal relaxation (pain relief, perfect for low back pain, neck pain, and headaches)
  • The health of the spine and joints (pain relief, improved nerve supply, healthy joints)
  • Relaxation (especially at slower speeds, it feels great!)
  • Thrilling (on higher speeds, the action is more vigorous and stimulating)
  • The following elements were considered or improved.
Swing Master Deluxe


The chi machines were designed to run at a constant speed of 140 swings per minute, but many users complained that this was either too slow or, more often, too fast, especially if they were old or had injuries. The design had some space for improvement. It is also common for many family members to share the same machine, each with a particular preference.

Timer The sun ancon and zenchi machine timers were like ticking egg timers, which some people found annoying, so we changed the timer to a 15-minute quiet digital version with added features, such as the ability to change the pace while moving or extend or terminate the treatment early.


The best chi machine side-to-side “swing action” produces a figure 8, or fish-like movement across the body compared to earlier machines. This gives a lovely calming sensation that must be felt to be truly appreciated. This therapeutic activity reduces stress while increasing “Chi” energy and movement (Energy). It is often referred to as calming exercise.

Design and Usability

The design was selected to be fresh and modern, with a lovely black casing. Because the original foot cradles were made of hard plastic, a new rubber cradle made the chi swing machine more comfortable. Furthermore, high-quality sheepskin coverings created in Australia have been intended to improve your experience. Although they are not essential, they improve the overall experience.

swing master deluxe


The world’s chi machine must be constructed with the most excellent quality components. We looked all around the globe for the best parts and worked hard to develop the motor.


The oxychi machine is 240V/50Hz with an AU plug. It has CE and SAA certifications, indicating that it meets Australian electrical safety requirements, widely considered the best globally.


Find a comfortable location in a quiet environment to get the most out of the chi machine. Instead of opposing the movement, relax into it, as you would during meditation. Allow the chi machine to do the work for you. You might listen to music to assist you to attain your therapeutic objectives. Start gently for a few minutes if you’re new to using a Chi Machine, then gradually increase the duration and speed over a few days or weeks until you get a feel of how your body reacts.

What If The Pain Begins To Set In?

If you experience ankle discomfort, use it slower and think about wearing a sheepskin cover. Consider placing a pillow or towel beneath your knees if you have knee or lower back pain. If you want to relax and decompress before going to bed, I recommend listening to music at a slower speed and in calming tones.

Where Can I Find An Affordably Priced Chi Machine?

Do you want to buy a chi machine for sale in Australia? Wellness United is an excellent place to find a good deal on a chi machine. So buy yours from them right now.

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