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What Sets The Swing Master Deluxe Apart From Other Chi machines?

chi exercise machine promotes healthy joints, including the spine and nerves, by stimulating oxygenated blood and lymphatic fluids, relaxing muscles, and promoting healthy joints, including the spine and nerves. It accomplishes this by using a body that moves from side to side gently but vigorously.

They are enjoyable and soothing to use. You lie down and rest as the machine stimulates your body’s lymphatic drainage, muscles, and joints, as well as promoting oxygenated blood flow to all of your organs.

So, How Exactly Does The Chi Machine Work?

Each session on the original chi machine begins and concludes with a 20-second warm-up/down. Then it’s all about selecting the most comfortable speed or speeds for the user, laying back, and relaxing—the speeds on the Chi machine vary from 1 to 20. Users frequently comment on the benefits of having several speeds. Having that option and experiencing escalating speeds is both calming and refreshing.

Chi Machine Creates ‘Joywave’.

The swing master deluxe has a variable speed (controlled by the user through remote control), a high-quality motor, a comfy foot cradle, and a silent timer. The Chi machine is often utilized for 15 minutes every day, followed by a glass of pure water.

The top model includes a special warm-up and warm-down feature for enhanced comfort. Its unique swing action creates a wave-like motion or “Bodywave,” which stimulates circulation and increases the blood’s oxygen and nutrient carrying capacity. This, in turn, aids in the activation of cells and the stimulation of metabolism.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is one of the chi massage machine’s main advantages. When regular exercise is not practiced, lymphatic fluid can accumulate significantly in the body. As a result, the poisons and wastes that the system worked so hard to eliminate remain in the body.

The Chi stimulates lymphatic drainage, which aids weight loss, reduces puffiness, improves skin health, and boosts immunity. When the lymphatic fluid moves freely, the immune system is stimulated. The movement also relaxes the joints and muscles, particularly the hips, back, and neck. Many people report relief from headaches, back pain, muscle strain, arthritis, and inflammation after using this product.

chi massage machine

Improves Circulation

Another advantage of the chi machines is that it improves circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells. This promotes the elimination of harmful wastes and enhances mitochondrial activity (the energy-producing powerhouses) within muscle and nerve cells.

The Chi Machine Aids In The Following Areas:

  • Drainage of Lymph Nodes (weight loss, immunity, detox)
  • Relaxation of the muscles (pain relief, especially good for low back pain, neck pain, and headaches)
  • Spine and joint health (pain relief, improved nerve supply, health joints)
  • Relaxation (particularly at slower speeds, it feels fantastic!)
  • Excitation (on higher speeds, the action is more vigorous and stimulating)

The Following Elements Were Taken Into Account Or Improved.


The chi machines ran at a constant speed of 140 swings per minute, which was supposed to be the best speed; nevertheless, many users complained that this was either too slow or, more commonly, too fast, particularly if they were elderly or had injuries. There was room for improvement in the design. It is also usual for numerous family members to share the same machine, with everyone having a different preference.


The sun ancon and zenchi machine timers were like ticking egg timers, which some people found irritating, so we improved the timer to a 15-minute quiet digital version with extra capabilities, such as the option to modify the speed on the move or extend or terminate the treatment early.


Compared to older machines, the best chi machine side to side “swing action” results in figure 8, or fish-like movement across the body. This produces a beautiful soothing sensation that must be experienced to appreciate fully. This therapeutic action relieves tension while boosting “Chi” energy and mobility (Energy). It is also known as relaxing exercising.

Design And Convenience

A fresh modern style with a nice black casing was chosen. Because the original foot cradles were composed of hard plastic, a new rubber cradle was developed to make the chi swing machine more pleasant. In addition, high-quality Australian-made sheepskin covers have been designed to enhance your experience. Although not required, these enhance the overall experience.

chi swing machine


The chi machine in the world needs to be built with the highest quality components. We looked worldwide for the best parts and improved the motor.


The oxychi machine runs on 240V/50Hz and has an AU plug. It has CE and SAA certifications, which meet Australian electrical safety standards, commonly regarded as the greatest in the world.


Find a comfortable spot in a quiet area to get the most out of the chi machine. We recommend using the chi machine while reclining on a yoga or exercise mat for maximum comfort. Relax into the movement rather than opposing it, as you would during meditation.

Relax and let the chi machine do the work. You might want to listen to music to help you achieve your treatment goals. If you’re new to using a Chi Machine, start slowly and for a few minutes, then gradually increase the time and speed over a few days or weeks until you get a sense of how your body reacts.

What If The Pain Starts Kicking In?

If you have ankle pain, use it at a slower tempo and consider using a sheepskin cover. If you have knee or lower back pain, consider putting a pillow or towel beneath your knees. If your goal is to relax and decompress before going to bed, I recommend utilizing a slower tempo and soothing music.

Where To Buy A Chi Machine At An Affordable Price?

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