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Wholesale Golf Cart Batteries – How To Find The Best Golf Cart Battery at Wholesale Prices

When it comes to golf cart batteries, we are second to none. We offer wholesale golf cart batteries at low prices. These batteries will help you enhance your sales and make more profit. Finding the best golf cart battery deal is difficult, especially when looking at multiple retailers. This is because each has a different price, different features, and even different models. To make it easier for you to find the best golf cart battery deals, we’ve listed some of the most important factors below.

Know the Different Types of Golf Cart Batteries You Can Find

Golf cart batteries are almost always lithium-ion batteries. They are rechargeable, reliable, and come with a long life. However, the types of batteries you can find in wholesale golf cart batteries are not uniform. Some may have shorter lifecycles and lighter charge capacity than others. Some may not offer enough juice to run your cart for hours. And, of course, some may be stolen or accidentally discharging themselves.

Various Types Of Batteries You Can Find In Golf Cart Batteries

You can find various types of batteries in wholesale golf cart batteries. Some of the most common battery types are: Deep-cycle – These are the best for running golf carts for hours. The battery should be capable of retaining full charge for an extended period. Quick-start – These batteries should offer a short amount of just 30% to 90% of capacity. This is the ideal battery for a home cart or someone always on the go. Li-ion – These are the most popular battery types in golf cart batteries and offer the most versatility.

To use in both home and commercial applications.

You may come across many other types of batteries, such as NiCd – These provide a quick charge of 60% to 90% of capacity. NiMH – These show a longer life of around ten times before needing to be replaced making them a good choice for commercial applications. However, make sure you’re buying from a trusted dealer. A dealer who is known for selling high-quality wholesale golf cart batteries at low prices is what you want. Check out our list of the best golf cart battery dealers.

Make sure you’re buying from a Trusted Dealer

Golf cart batteries come with a specific lifespan when new because of used in a particular way. Most importantly, ensure you’re buying wholesale golf cart batteries from a trusted dealer. The battery manufacturers do not produce accurate test results. So, it’s hard for them to tell you how much power a battery will give you. They are only supposed to provide you with a ballpark figure.

Most importantly, make sure you’re buying from a dealer you’ve purchased from before. A few months ago, I bought a new cart from Smoot Honda. The battery was wrong, and they replaced it with no questions asked. So, make sure you’re buying from a dealer you know you’ll trust.

Get to know the different Options Available

When shopping for wholesale golf cart batteries, you’ll notice that most of them come with three or four options. The first is the model. This is the most critical factor when choosing a battery. You want to ensure that your chosen model is suitable for your cart. The next is the capacity. This is the amount of power the battery offers.

And last but not least, the life cycle. This refers to the battery’s length before needing to be replaced. If unsure which of these three aspects best describes your cart, feel free to contact the manufacturer. In most cases, the representative will be able to guide you.

Determine If You Need Quick-Start or Deep-Cycle Batteries

Many think they need quick-start batteries for their wholesale golf cart batteries, but some coaches run better with more profound cycle batteries. Deep cycle batteries have been designed to run for hours on end without having to be recharged. However, make sure you know why you are using your golf cart. Some people prefer to use their golf cart during the winter when it’s cold, and they don’t want to break the ice on the lake or ocean. Others like to use their coach during the summer when they’re not under a lot of heat from the sun. So, ensure you know why your cart is being used and whether it would benefit from a deep cycle battery.

Look Into The Life expectancy of your Cart Battery

If you want to ensure you’re getting a good deal on wholesale golf cart batteries, make sure you know the life expectancy of your cart battery. This is the period your battery should last before you need to buy a new one. The DCS 48V golf series drop-in lithium replacement battery packs are the best since sliced bread. No maintenance, charge up only when you want, and feature our comprehensive Bluetooth App monitoring system. No need to change your existing charger; big, heavy, clunky old chargers are fine. But of course, you can upgrade to one of our 48V 25A chargers if you wish at the same time.

Most importantly, ensure you know the temperature of the region where you intend to use your cart. The colder it is where you plan to use your cart, the less likely you will have to charge your battery. So, consider choosing a deep cycle battery if you live in a cold region.

Summing Up

You’ll want to ensure you’re getting the best deal when shopping for wholesale golf cart batteries. That’s because different retailers may sell expensive batteries in plastic boxes while others will sell you lower-cost batteries that may not hold a charge. The best deal is likely to be found at a trusted dealer, where you can get adherently verified pricing on all of your new cart batteries. When finding the best golf cart battery deals, look into the various options available, as well as the life of your cart battery. Sometimes, you may want a more extended life cycle battery that gives you more time before replacing your cart battery.

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