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why you should use a 12V 80Ah extreme battery?

12V 80ah extreme battery is a battery that will provide 80 amperes of current within 1 hour. As shown in the name, this kind of battery will provide 12V. This is a portable battery as it only weighs half of the lead-acid battery. It is the ideal battery for deep cycle applications as you need a lot of power in deep cycle applications for a very long time. There are some specifications of an 80Ah battery that you should know about:

  • It is developed specifically for naval and military purposes
  • It suits the best under the bonnet and in winching applications
  • 10C rated heavy-duty LFP cells are present in it
  • It has a technology of automatic cell balance
  • There is an extended life service provided from this battery
  • It weighs only 14kgs
  • It works between -25-85 degrees C
  • It has a 3-year return warranty

The 80Ah battery lasts for almost 18 hours when nothing is connected to the battery in the meantime. You should connect the voltmeter with the battery to check if the battery terminal is not below 11.4 Volts.

Advantages Of Hardcore Batteries:

Australia has the best variety of batteries to even work in harsh conditions. Long-distance travel with heavy loads and huge temperatures is very difficult to go without any trouble. When you have a truck to drive with a heavy load, you should move on to commercial hardcore batteries and rely on them for your whole travel. You can trust its reliability and power as it gives the highest power cycle.

80Ah deep cycle battery is rechargeable and fits in a variety of applications. It is made of absorbed glass matt technology that will help the engine to run smoothly and allows only low maintenance as it is a spill-proof battery. They come with full charging and are ready to use. You just have to simply connect your batteries to the application, and these applications are now ready to go.

You can store the energy for long tours, and you can recharge them conveniently with some electric socket or solar power. 80Ah lithium battery is 70% lighter than any other battery. It can be operated in any direction, and there is no chance of any kind of spill. It takes lesser time for charging than any lead-acid battery.

There is no voltage drop during the charging process; you can connect the voltage meter to check this feature. It has the highest charging capacity with more efficiency. When you charge a lead-acid battery, you can lose 15-30% of the energy due to some reasons, such as high temperature. But these lithium batteries will prevent the energy from any loss as it is temperature proof.

Where To Get 12V 80Ah Extreme?

If you need a 12V 8Ah extreme for your applications, you can get it from Deep Cycle System, as their services are more reliable than any others.

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